Ashton + Barrow's Guide to Embracing Your Dark Side: How Black Accents Can Transform Your Space

Ashton + Barrow's Guide to Embracing Your Dark Side: How Black Accents Can Transform Your Space

As you can probably tell, at Ashton + Barrow we LOVE black! We've witnessed firsthand the incredible impact that black accents can have on a living space. Often overlooked, black possesses a unique ability to add depth, dimension, and sophistication to any room. In this article, we'll explore the various ways incorporating black accents can positively transform your home, whilst offering a few carefully curated product suggestions to enhance your decor. So, let's embrace the dark side and discover the transformative power of black in interior design.

Depth & Dimension

Article imageOne of the most remarkable qualities of black accents is their ability to create depth and dimension within a room. By introducing elements such as black furniture, textiles, or decorative items, you can enhance the sense of space and achieve a more dynamic, visually engaging environment. For example, consider placing black metal shelving units in your living area or a stunning black candle holder for your dining table to create an eye-catching contrast.

Be Bold & Stand Out

Article imageBlack is a powerful visual tool that can draw attention and create a striking focal point within your space. Utilising black as a statement colour for feature walls, artwork, or bold furniture can instantly captivate the eye and evoke a sense of drama. When choosing a statement piece, consider items like our stunning Female Body Vases or Male Torso Vases to anchor the room and create a sense of interest.

Sexy Sophistication

 alt=There's no denying that black is synonymous with luxury and elegance. By incorporating black accents in a subtle, refined manner, you can infuse your space with an air of sophistication. Experiment with combinations of black, metallic, or contrasting colours to achieve a chic, polished look. For instance, accentuate your living room with a stunning Black Metal Oval Mirror or add a touch of glamour to your bedroom with a sleek Black Circular Shelving Unit for those expensive perfumes.

Contrast & Texture

Article imageBlack accents are particularly effective at breaking up monochromatic colour schemes and adding a touch of contrast to your interiors. Pairing black with bright or pastel colours can result in a visually striking effect that is sure to leave a lasting impression. Additionally, incorporating patterns and textures in black accents adds another layer of visual interest. Consider using Bold Geometric Cushions to enliven your space or some Statement Art Pieces for an intriguing contrast to plain walls.

Tying Different Spaces Together

Article imageBlack accents can serve as a unifying element, connecting different spaces throughout your home. The versatility of black allows it to complement various design styles, making it the perfect choice for open-concept living spaces. To achieve a sense of cohesion, consider introducing interesting Black Planters for herbs in your kitchen or unique pieces like our Origami Rhino in your hallway, tying together the overall design narrative.

Give it a try!

The transformative power of black accents in home decor cannot be overstated. We encourage you to embrace the use of black in your design projects, creating unique, stylish spaces that truly reflect your personal taste. With a wealth of product options from Ashton + Barrow alone, the possibilities for incorporating black accents into your home are limitless. So, why not embark on a design journey into the dark side and experience the magic of black for yourself?

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