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Ultimate Festival Party Box - Outdoor/Balcony/Garden


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This is the Ultimate Festival Party Kit! Whether you’ve got a yard, balcony or garden, use it indoors or out - this bundle contains everything you need to get the party started for you and 6 friends, including decorations, lights and food & drink accessories! Every item is high quality, ethically sourced where possible and reusable or recyclable. And we’ll even deliver it for FREE!

The party bundle includes:

6 x Pineapple Drinks Stirrers

1 x Pack of Tropical Paper Plates

1 x Pack of Eco Friendly Wooden Cutlery for 6 People

6 x Reusable Multi-Coloured Fold Baskets

1 x Pack of Pink Freda Napkins

1 x Pack of Bottle Lights

1 x Pack of String Lights

1 x 4.0m Colourful Pom Pom Bunting

1x 2.6m Tropical Leaf Bunting